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Some Frequently Asked Questions in choosing the right tuition for you:  (Be sure to check out our media, testimonials & appraisal links above)

Is there a minimum contract/length of term? It's always hard to predict how long it would take to address your child's problems, as all children tend to learn at different speeds. However, we don't like contracts that tie you in, and we're sure that you don't either. So all we ask is that you give us a month's notice for any reason, in fairness to our planning and staffing arrangements.

What's the ratio of children to tutors? It's a fact that children learn and work best in the presence of others, and our dedicated centre also provides safety and peace of mind for you. Common sense tells you however that ratios such as 5:1, 6:1 or higher will inevitably mean less effective tutoring per child, no matter what others say! Which is why we prefer a far more focused and better ratio of 2:1 or 3:1, with each student having their own individualised learning and development programme created. This guarantees that each child receives far more personalised and individual 1:1 tuition and coaching within our style of sessions than other tuition providers can offer! You just can't beat plenty of face-to-face quality tuition in a specialised centre like ours! :-)

How much do you charge? Great question! Remember that qualified teachers worth their salt are not cheap. But they should not be extortionate either!  Our fees are currently lower than 21 per hour, right up to GCSE level*! The appraisal done with your child will help us to determine the actual level of fees, but we guarantee they won't be higher than 21 p.h.! Why would you want to pay more?

Why Choose Us? You mean, we haven't already convinced you yet? We have properly qualified teachers, police-checked too. We like to have a flexible approach to our sessions, with a variety of teaching and learning tasks to motivate students and get the best out of them. Many children are referred to us by current ones (over 80% of enrolments are from referrals!), and that tells you a lot. Just ask for a free sample session, even if you're already getting tutored elsewhere, and judge for yourself!

* Science might cost just a little bit more.

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